What’s Your Earth Hour Super Power?

What's Your Earth Hour Super Power? #YourPower
Humans and the Earth. Each is extremely important, and it’s up to us to make sure we both thrive. So tell me, what’s your Earth Hour super power?

What's Your Earth Hour Super Power? #YourPower

Humans and the earth. Each is extremely important, and it's up to us to make sure we both thrive.  So tell me, what's your Earth Hour super power?

Did you know that even little things can make a huge difference? Unplugging electronics when not in use, turning off lights when you leave a room, and showering less frequently to save water are just a few places to start.

Living Life Consciously

There are many ways to live a life that shows concern for people and our planet. We live by the phrase “reduce, reuse, recycle, repeat.” For example, reduce landfill trash by using non-disposable items, reuse your grocery bags and repurpose empty containers, recycle every single thing with a recycling code, and repeat these everyday.

Teach your kids to do the same and the impact grows exponentially. They learn so easily by watching the people they love, so lead by example and show them how to live sustainably. Tell them about the earth and why it's important to take care of it, and it's a near guarantee that they'll make it a habit throughout their lives.

Simple Ways to Make a Difference

Conservation's the goal, and people can make it happen. We absolutely have the ability to save our earth's natural resources for future generations, so make some simple changes today and harness your powers of preservation.

Here are some other ideas to conserve resources and live sustainably:NRG Home Solar #YourPower

  • Turn off the water as you brush your teeth
  • Choose sustainably sourced products like bamboo
  • Get a solar battery charger for your cell phone
  • Swap out a few of your regular light bulbs for LEDs
  • Use energy-saving power strips for your electronics

Earth Hour is coming up on Saturday, March 28th, and we always participate to show our support for natural resource conservation and conscientious living. We love people and the earth that was given to us, and we'd like to encourage all of you to participate in solidarity of our common goals. So go ahead and turn off your lights between 8:30 and 9:30pm to help raise awareness around the globe for the good of humankind and the planet we love.

And be sure to check out the legendary Bill Walton's video about the real impact of Earth Hour, and our Earth-friendly efforts.

Enter to Win an Earth Hour Party Pack ($500)

You can also take the pledge on NRG Home Solar's Facebook page, NRGEarthMonth.com, to declare your commitment to living consciously and to learn more about solar power. Everyone who pledges is entered into a sweepstakes to win one of 10 Earth Hour party packs valued at $500 each. If at least 1000 people take the pledge, NRG Home Solar will donate $20,000 to Grid Alternatives, a non-profit that helps low-income communities install solar collectors to help homeowners reduce heating costs. Win, win!

What's your Earth Hour super power? Tell us all about it using hashtag #yourpower!

NRG Home Solar is dedicated to making a difference in our world by providing affordable solar power to homeowners. They have an impressive understanding of the complicated aspects of solar energy which has aided them in developing simple ways to deliver resource-saving energy to the masses.

NRG Home Solar #yourpower

  1. These are great, simple ideas! I am always working with my kids to get them to turn off the water when they brush their teeth! #yourpower

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