The Daily Green: Bisphenol-A May Disrupt Cancer Treatment

Bisphenol-A May Disrupt Cancer TreatmentCould BPA actually be a double-edged sword in relation to breast cancer?  According to breaking news on The Daily Green, new science raises yet another concern about the controversial ingredient in many plastics and in the lining of cans.

Bisphenol-A mimics the female hormone estrogen, and has been implicated in a range of diseases and disorders by independent scientists whose work runs counter to official government pronouncements about the chemical's safety.

The new University of Cincinnati study says that Bisphenol-A may reduce the effectiveness of chemotherapy treatments. Bisphenol-A seems to bolster proteins that protect cancer cells, according to the research, published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Health Perspectives.

Bisphenol-A is not only similar to estrogen, but to a cancer-promoting compound called diethylstilbestrol (DES). DES makes cancer cells proliferate, but Bisphenol-A seems to protect cells from chemical attack, as does estrogen.

The researchers did the laboratory work on breast cancer cells.

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