Study Finds Eating Naked Lowers BPA Levels by 60 Percent

Our suspicions about the health of eating naked have been undoubtedly confirmed by our friends at the Breast Cancer Fund.  They conducted a landmark study in humans with the help of the Silent Spring Institute over a two year period.  They asked, and answered, some looming questions about BPA and phthalates in food packaging.

For three days, each family ate only fresh food, no cans or plastic packaging. The effect was shocking!  Who’d have guessed that their BPA levels could ever drop a whopping 60 percent in such a short time frame?

Eating Naked is the Only Way to Go

Wow!  This study underlines that eating real, whole food should be a top priority for families looking to make significant inroads to healthier living.  And even more reason to skip some of the absurdities out there like Del Monte’s single serve bananas (seriously?!).

Tips for Reducing Your Exposure Quickly

We’ve been singing this song for quite a while, so we gathered all of our favorite tips for decreasing your exposure to hormone mimicking chemicals in food:

  • Avoid canned foods, unless you find products specifically labeled as BPA-free (see our Guide)
  • Cook at home with fresh foods as often as possible and if you do eat out, bring your own containers and skip the polystyrene/Styrofoam containers
  • Make simple changes to your food storage containers by choosing glass, stainless steel or product confirmed free of BPA, PVC and Phthalates (see our Guide)
  • Do not microwave your plastic dishes (see our Tips)
  • Place plastic dishes (even BPA-free ones) on the top rack of the dishwasher and skip commercial sterilizers (see our Tips)
  • Skip PVC food wrap often found on commercially prepared foods, such as meat and cheese blocks (see our Tips)
  • Educate yourself about what plastics are what, and then begin contacting manufacturers to confirm the info for yourself with our FREE Guide on How to Do Your Own Research
  • Download the Breast Cancer Fund’s very helpful 10 Canned Foods to Avoid wallet card for your next shopping trip.

Take Action for a Long-term Solution

Take a stand with us and the Breast Cancer Fund to push America’s top canned food manufacturers get rid of BPA in their products to protect our health.

Ask Campbell Soup Co., Del Monte Foods and General Mills (maker of Progresso, Cascadian Farm and Muir Glen) what they’re doing to get BPA out of their food packaging and out of our bodies.  If they’re phasing out BPA, what non-toxic alternative are they replacing it with?

  1. Love the title… betting I will get a few people who usually don’t read my “healthy stuff” posts to check this one out 😉

  2. I agree great title! It caught my attention…and the post is great too. Eating naked it the way to go!

  3. I am not really sure about bad effects of BPA but normally, I rarely put my meals in a plastic box. This causes a bad smell sometimes if I do not clean it carefully and I use glass box instead. Anyway, thanks for your article.

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