Are There Any Stainless Steel Water Bottles Made in the USA?

5 best stainless steel water bottles
So you’re wondering if there are any stainless steel water bottles made in the USA, huh? This is one of the most common requests we hear from our customers and blog readers. So you’re wondering if there are any stainless steel water bottles made in the USA? We’ve done the research and have the scoop!

So you're wondering if there are any stainless steel water bottles made in the USA, huh? This has been one of the top questions we've heard from our blog readers since we first published this article in 2009.

As of February 2018, the answer is still the same: there are no USA made stainless steel bottles at this time.

We've searched high and low for an American made option, but they still don't exist. There were a couple of close calls, but it never has panned out (see the comments on this post). The last one we researched turned out to be aluminum, which requires a lining inside, and we never seem to be able to get a clear answer on what they're using for that lining (often BPA-based epoxy).   

Does it bum us out?

Yes. We would love to be able to support a product made right here in our own country. But according to our friends at thinksport and Klean Kanteen, the logistics of manufacturing a stainless steel bottle in America are out of this world and extremely cost-prohibitive.

You can get thinksport and Klean Kanteen on Amazon. Be sure to check out our top 5 favorite stainless steel water bottles made by brands we trust too!

Does it worry us?

No. We choose the manufacturers we recommend very carefully. We interview each and every company about their production oversight, chemical contaminant testing practices, and their factory's fair treatment of employees.

Do you know of any brand we may have missed? Give it a shoutout in the comments so we can check it out!

P.S. We did find two stainless steel bottles NOT made in China: the Snow Peak Kanpai Bottle is made in Japan, and the Laken brand is made in Spain

P.P.S. We hear from folks about Liberty Bottles on a regular basis, but as detailed below in several comments, their bottles are made from aluminum (as evidenced by the lining discussed on their website — stainless steel bottles don't require a lining to stop the metal from leaching into your drink). They also mention the number of aluminum cans recycled for each bottle sold on their website (see “details” on any of their product listings). We love that they're made in the USA though!

P.P.P.S. The Polar Bear stainless steel bottles are not actually made in the USA either. Their website states the following about their stainless steel bottles: “This is one of the only Polar Bottle products that is not entirely made in the USA. Some components are Made in America, but the bottle itself is Made in China.” You can see the note right here.

Take a look at our favorite stainless steel bottle brands!

5 best stainless steel water bottles

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  2. When the total life cycle costs are considered, stainless is often the least expensive material option.

    1. It is a food grade coating that has been independently lab-tested by Intertek to be BPA free and Non-leeching. The only metal bottle on the market that is truly, Made in America.

      1. Thanks for the info Roger. Has testing been done to look specifically for estrogenic activity (EA) and heavy metal leaching? I know you also said non-leaching, but I’m curious what the parameters for testing were because sometimes parts-per-million (PPM) are counted as non-leaching depending on the lab and their testing methods. ~Alicia

      1. We just read through their website and saw that the bottle isn’t actually made from stainless steel, but rather from recycled aluminum. That’s why they have a lining (which is supposed to be BPA-free, but no details are given about what that material actually is). ~Alicia

  3. Thanks for the suggestion Penelope! I contacted them this morning and they don’t actually manufacture the bottles in the USA:

    “I am sorry to inform you but our Thermaluxe vessel is made in China. We bring vessel in USA and assemble bottle here in USA with all other part. All other parts for Thermaluxe bottles are made in USA.

    Again we are sorry to notify you about this news. No stainless bottles is made in USA, since there is no company in USA that like to produce them, as soon there is one we would be first company that would used them to produce our Thermaluxe bottle.”

    And here’s how I responded:

    “Thanks so much for your quick and helpful response! I thought that was probably the case, because in five years, I’ve never found a single stainless steel bottle made in the USA.

    I personally don’t have an issue with bottles made in China, so long as the production is overseen by a trustworthy company who is testing for heavy metal contamination.

    Your website is misleading though because you clearly state in your logo that your brand is made in the USA, but you don’t note the fact that they are only assembled here in America.”

    We’ll just keep looking!


    1. Regarding your last paragraph — Because just about every other water bottle they sell is Made in the USA (the plastic ones). That’s about the only one they sell that isn’t made in the USA, so I don’t think it’s misleading. To their credit, they don’t put a “Made with Pride” button that popups to “Made in USA” on the product page for the stainless steel bottle like they do for their other bottles. Not sure how the website looked like when you reviewed it though, or if they did have the “Made with Pride” button there at the time.

  4. “But the logistics of manufacturing a stainless steel bottle in America are out of this world and extremely cost-prohibitive.”

    I have to say that sounds like typical corporate talk and it’s worse when everyday people parrot it. When I hear someone saying things like that it makes me wonder what kind of profit margin they’re aiming for. Before our great manufacturing exodus, everything was made here in the U.S.A. by decent, to good paid U.S. workers and our country functioned just fine. If foreign countries and companies were flooding our market with cheap junk to under cut our manufacturing maybe we should have done something to stop it. Instead our business and finance cowboys and cowgirls thought what the heck, instead of fighting it we can jump aboard and get rich, and they did. And it’s all come at a major cost to our working citizens and country.

    Many of the items made in China and sold here are being sold at prices that don’t come close to reflecting the cheap labor rates and true manufacturing cost that are being paid to make those items. The cost of goods has never reflected the true cost to manufacture an item, and in a Capitalistic society it never will. It’s all about what the market will bear.

    Not one major company that sent their manufacturing overseas did so because they were hurting, they did it strictly for greed. Get rid of U.S. workers making $20 an hour with benefits, who are able to support themselves and their families, and pay taxes based on those wage rates. Send their jobs to China or wherever, pay some poor workers 10 cents an hour with no benefits. It doesn’t take a mathematical genius to see the insanely idiotic profit margin jump they gained, which sent their stock values into the stratosphere. A corporations number one and only concern is maximum return to their investors, period. They don’t care about U.S. citizens, and they don’t care about the United States, just maximum profit and a lot of their larger investors aren’t even U.S. citizens.

    No rational and responsible U.S. citizen should think what has been going on in the U.S.A. is a good thing. It’s very much the reason why our country is now broke and financially hurting. A few have gotten filthy rich by robbing from everyone else including and especially the country. Putting millions of our citizens in the poor house and creating a need for the social programs so many people want to bitch about. Aside from destroying unions, jobs, and wages for U.S. citizens they’ve also successfully corrupted our government (both parties) to do their dirty work, making a lot of our public hate the government. The government that is supposed to be the voice and power of the public, that keeps the wealthy greed mongers in line.

    There has been international commerce since mankind started roaming the earth, a global economy. This new buzz word use of it is nothing but big business and big fiance speak for we’re going to get rich by bankrupting everyone we can.

    I didn’t come here to make a political rant but when I read statements like that it burns me up, and it should every U.S. citizen, actually all people of the world, because it negatively affects people around the world.

    Hopefully a stainless steel water bottle can be found that is made in the U.S.A.

    1. It is now 2 years after your comment and nothing has changed. No Stainless water bottles made in the U.S….and Donald Trump is vying for the presidency….we are doomed.

      1. You want a USA made bottle but dont want to elect the only guy who wants to make one for you. Opps too late! Guess ww will see if Trump makes one for you. Are you going to refuse to buy it because Trump is the President?!

    2. Not sure if you get notifications anymore, but I give this comment a AAA+. You are absolutely right with EVERYTHING you said. Those that deny it have fallen into the perverse and evil indoctrination of CRT and not believing that America is the greatest country on earth, thus depreciating most American-made things; like putting down American car manufacturers, for example. It’s all a ploy anyways, and has been from the start. And in regards to the other comment(s) here about Trump, you better believe he has been the best president we’ve seen in a long time. What’s Biden doing! He ain’t ‘a-Biding’ to America or Americans at all but giving away our country into the hands of traitors and communists. We need bring America back again… and that’s NOT a political spinoff of MAGA either. It’s. Just. True. Regardless of political views really. It’s only then will the entire world flourish.

      (Reply to website article, not this comment…)
      As for the bottles, I love American products, but I do very careful research as well into where the stainless steel comes from. In regards to Liberty Bottles, I asked them what Chinese factory/location makes their bottles. They replied saying they are not able to disclose that information, yet online their website says their “sister company… [that maintains high regulations on labor, etc.]”. That’s interesting to note as I am still highly considering their bottles.

      (For the website creators and writers of this review) — What would you say about “Hydro Flask” bottles? They seem to be popular around the net, Amazon, and even eBay.


  5. May 2014….,570240001

    They say this stainless steel water bottle is made in the USA…maybe finally it’s true? I’m not in a hurry yet, so if I can find USA made, that is what I want to buy.

    Approved by lunch ladies and Mother Nature, our .6L Stainless Sports Bottle is perfect for green thinkers on the go (or on campus). Eco-friendly and compact, it’s sure to quench your thirst for style and refreshment.

    Made of 18/8, food-grade stainless steel

    No lining & no BPA or other toxins

    Wide mouth for easy drinking

    Durable, BPA-free & phalate-free screw-on top

    Holds .6 liters

    Thin profile to fit most cup holders & bike bottle holders

    Hand wash only

    1. That just looks like a bottle with the “Made in USA” graphic on it. I’ve seen t-shirts like that, but they weren’t actually made in USA.

  6. There are no stainless bottles made in the USA. We looked for over a year for a US manufacturer and could not find one. We now offer a stainless bottle designed right here in Kansas, by us, but made in China. We are an outdoor school and while we like to buy American made we understand that some things just aren’t made here, like this computer, or my phone, or many things we all use daily. We can’t change that but we can support the American businesses who sell these items for lack of options.
    Consider the iPhone, made in China but look at the huge American industry creating jobs and livings for people just transporting them around the country. UPS, FedEx etc hire more drivers, buy more vehicles, pay more mechanics, buy more fuel, pay more taxes and more. Direct benefits for American workers on a Chinese product.
    What’s that got to do with SS bottles? Not much, aside from the fact that Foreign made products aren’t completely negative. So until someone wants to throw a few million at bottle forming equipment we’ll have to have our Blackthorn Bottles made in China. At least they were designed by Americans.
    FWIW, Sigg are Swiss made, Isosteel are German. Klean Kanteen, Pathfinder, Guyot, Hydro Flask and Blackthorn Bottle are all made in China.

  7. Not the healthiest of entries but found this fact to be true while looking for U.S. Made S/S flasks…Ya, flasks.
    C’mon wouldn’t you love to receive one as a gag gift for Christmas? With all the great small distilleries cropping up all over the U.S. it would be nice to have something more homegown to transport this nectar in that was um errr less obvious and more classic in presenation….Suitable for monograming as well..Short story long, I went with the Asian market entry begrudginly….Sill investigating…

  8. People are a bit over in their heads on this topic.
    By cost-prohibitive, we’re talking $100+ USD. Unless there was a guarantee for these to be made in a serious bulk, there is no market for this mythical USA-made SS bottle.
    Yes, you could form a market over time, but there’s no guarantee; which no manufacturer wants to hear. We’re talking years and years of selling a very high priced point, and I still think it would be closer to $200 dollars.

    Keith Titanium and Heavy Cover have made a small market for a $130? titanium canteen.

    Regardless, in my opinion the Guyot Designs water bottles have been some of the better made bottles. Even for their $30-$40 price point though, they dent easy. They’re thick, heavy metal too. If anyone bought a USA made SS water bottle, they’d want it to last for decades. Technically, one could squealch Nalgene (who somewhat recently purchased Guyot) lifetime guarantee.
    Unfortunately, Nalgene’s products have gotten worse over the last decade.

    At the end of the day, we’re speaking for a small market (that could grow, yes), where the output numbers would be between a couple of very expensive craftsmen and a machined manufacturer.
    Titanium would work better, plus it has the guarantee of nothing interrupting your drink. In this case though, we are speaking for a $200-$300+ dollar product if it is made in the USA.

    1. They’re not actually made from stainless steel. We’ve spoken with them before (see below in the comments) and while they are made in the USA, they are made with aluminum which requires an epoxy liner.

      We asked about whether any testing has been done to look specifically for estrogenic activity (EA) and heavy metal leaching in their bottles and they’ve never responded (it’s been three years now). ~Alicia

  9. I’m wondering just what the logistics are that make manufacturing in the US so cost-prohibitive. Could you elaborate on this?

    1. I will speak for insulated bottles since that is what my experience is (my company designed an insulated bottle to keep milk refrigerated so kids could take milk to lunch for school). The equipment required to produce the vacuum in the thermos costs $4million (that is a large vacuum chamber which will make about 1000 bottles at once), and from what I have been told, there are only 2 of those in China (might be more now, this is 8 yr old info). There is a cheaper method of making the vacuum but it is not great for large volumes or production quantities.
      As far as the price point, the cost to make a high quality bottle is not cheap, even in China. I sell my bottle for $25 and seriously, it is not even worth selling at that price because of all the costs – molds to make the lid are in the $10,000’s plus. Then the cost to solve all the design problems to make sure the lid doesn’t leak, opens and closes properly, it just keeps adding up. I may never even recover my costs, far less make a profit. If I had done this work in USA, where possible, it would have been 10x more expensive.

  10. I’ve seen many a SS product made in the USA, mostly cookware and other kitchen items, but not a water bottle. I think the bigger question that should be asked is: for all SS kitchenware products that are made in the USA, what is the source of the steel? Anything SS may be made here, but if their supplies come from China, it’s still no good. China puts a high level of lead in their SS products. I miss the Steel Foundry days of America.

    1. I was just thinking, what good is a pure USA made SS water bottle if we put contanminated, fluoridated water in it? Even bottled water is a scam when it comes to contamination. The whole thing is a travesty. :/

  11. Aluminum is toxic no matter how you look at it. I always find it interesting with BPA free products that there are other worse things in them! Also with organic food and non-GMO food items…sometimes in Soy. I just shake my poor head. Soy? I avoid soy like the plague. Heavy sigh. So hard to find healthy items and necessities these days. One has to be so incredibly vigilant with almost everything.

    1. Liberty Bottles are not made from stainless steel. We’ve spoken with them before (see below in the comments) and while they are made in the USA, they are made with aluminum which requires an epoxy liner.

      We asked about whether any testing has been done to look specifically for estrogenic activity (EA) and heavy metal leaching in their bottles and they’ve never responded (it’s been three years now). ~Alicia

      1. From Liberty’s site: “Where are Liberty Bottles Made?

        What is your Bottle Lining made of?

        The “liner,” as it is often referred to is called PureShield. PureShield is an FDA approved, Food Grade, Flexible Coating. It has been independently lab tested and certified to be BPA, Lead and Phthalate free. So, what is it? Well… People like to call it a paint, but it is not. Unlike chemical laden paints and epoxies, PureShield is a polyester based powder coat that is applied dry and baked to a smooth glass-like surface. It is safe, and clean.”

  12. Any idea who/where makes the Canteen Shop’s steel bottle and canteen? I’m not sure, myself.

    1. Nevermind. Pretty sure it’s made in China. I haven’t been able to confirm this, but it seems so.

  13. It’s too bad. I’m not super hard core about not buying Chinese stuff but I prefer not to. I’d love an insulated stainless USA made bottle and would be willing to pay a decent amount for being made in the USA

      1. hi — naturally love what you are doing, but i gotta ask, how in the world do all of these people believe that stainless steel with exposed internal welds and no way to properly passivate are somehow a safe choice for drinking? as a founder of klean kanteen i can tell you there is a great deal of greenwashing going on. …consider the common report of a “metallic taste” etc

  14. QUOTE: “now they have little-to-no competitors they can charge whatever they like to turn a profit”

    No, Chinese manufacturers cannot charge whatever they like. The natural equilibrium of the free market means when they begin charging more than the market is willing to bear, manufacturing inside the USA (or in other countries) becomes competitive enough for the industry to begin manufacturing there. Chinese manufacturers are forced to hold their prices below what would be competitive in other countries.

    1. Hi Ron, have they added stainless steel? When we last checked Liberty Bottles were made with aluminum which requires an epoxy liner (see below in an older thread).

      We asked about whether any testing has been done to look specifically for estrogenic activity (EA) and heavy metal leaching in their bottles and they’ve never responded (it’s been 4 years now). ~Alicia

  15. Check out Welly Bottle (! I founded the company and our first production run is on its way to us. Unfortunately it is coming from China. When starting the company I searched in the US exclusively, but quickly learned that there was no one who could produce a vacuum-insulated stainless steel water bottle. I thought about creating our own facilities but the capital costs were way too high for us.

    I travelled to China a few months ago to visit all of our manufacturing facilities and make sure that all employees were treated and paid fairly, that working hours were monitored and that the space was clean and safe.

    We will be ready to start fulfilling orders in mid-March and will be donating $1 for every bottle sold to clean water projects in developing countries. I hope you’ll join our mission to provide clean water to those in need while staying hydrated!

    Feel free to email me with any questions at


      1. Hi Soft Landing Sisters,

        We use the same stainless steel as some of our competitors (ie Hydro Flask) as we use the same manufacturers. We have our stainless steel sent for FDA testing to be sure they are food-safe.


  16. Rats, I just realized I left this on the wrong post – sorry! It was supposed to be on the top 5 water bottles post.

  17. My dad still uses a 1980’s era Stanley thermos that was made in Franklin Tennessee. I believe that bottle was vacuum sealed. Why is it so expensive now to make vacuum bottles versus back then???

  18. Curious what you think about the “Better for your” brand of stainless steel cups found on Amazon. They are made in China, but say they are rigorously tested. Are they a responsible brand?
    Thank you!
    Concerned Parent

  19. LAKEN is China. It is assembled in Spain. The aluminum bottles are made in Spain but not the steel. The core stainless which is holding the liquid is from China. Per Laken’s website: Production of our insulated stainless steel water bottles (the entire Thermo Water Bottle series) starts in Laken’s factory in Spain with a stainless steel raw body. After we test its insulation properties, we paint (powder coating with our special blend) and decorate it. Finally, we assemble the cap which is produced at the factory. The stainless steel raw body is sourced from China and prepared especially for us using our own designs and tools

  20. Soft Landing Sisters,

    My name is Nathaniel Bessette, a partner and I are currently in the beginning stages of developing our own sustainable, stainless steel bottle for production right here in the good old US of A. If you’d like to get in touch, feel free to email me at
    Currently we are trying to find a manufacturer in the US to utilize without running costs too high. America needs its own stainless steel water bottles. Have a great day 🙂

  21. American quality stainless steel from the 50s still going strong from home cookware to camping & camp cookware gear in our household.
    Cannot find any American steel drink bottles or camp-cookware products. You make it, iI will buy it.
    My experiences purchasing any stainless steel products of a similar nature manufactured in China has been CORROSION, RUSTING SEAMS AND HOLES . Chinese stainless steel products are notorious for cost cutting, non authetic stainless steel, no quality. ( even with construction steel. The high tension bolts that hold up wind turbines in my home state were all snapping repeatedly as they were inferior. Italian steel products replaced these faulty components resolving all issues. Could make a long list of Chinese stainless steel products i have purchased from bathroom fittings, domestic, building and beyond. All rusted from the get go.
    My preferences are USA, Australian, German & Itailian for quality stainless steel products.
    Early purchases of ALUMINIUM drink bottles : advanced corrosion, formation of salts, pitting, holes. The salt formations were excessive. These drink bottles had no lining material only a machine finish or smooth moulded wall. Will NEVER purchase aluminium bottles again.

  22. Inquired with Liberty Bottles about the possibility of a thermos down the line and their response was, “Thank you for your interest in Liberty Bottles! We do not have a vacuum or insulated bottle at this time, however we are working on creating one, and doing a lot of testing. You might keep an eye on our website or facebook
    page as that is where we will be posting any news about it..” Crossing my fingers… I replied by requesting that it be a stainless steel bottle with the steel sourced from North America.

  23. I was in the sporting goods door the other day and saw recalls on several products made in China that were releasing lead into the food. I’m very skeptical of made in China products since this discovery.

  24. Polar steel bottles are actually not made in the USA. Liberty Bottle Works is the only company I have found making metal bottles in the USA.

  25. Polar steel bottles are actually not made in the USA, there plastic ones are though. The only company that I have found that makes metal bottles entirely in the US and made with material and even machines from the USA.

  26. I am interested in stainless steel water bottles for my family’s health and to reduce plastic pollution. I thought I was doing a good thing… BUT are you guys saying the stainless steel has lead, even if it says food grade? Part of the jacobbromwell price tag is that they are using copper. I’d pay $50 if the product actually worked (didn’t leak, stayed cold/hot, didn’t break, etc), for at least 5 years, and didn’t poison my family or the environment.

  27. Hi Benjamin! We hear from folks about Liberty Bottles on a regular basis, but as detailed above in other comments, their bottles are made from aluminum (as evidenced by the lining discussed on their website — stainless steel bottles don’t require a lining to stop the metal from leaching into your drink). They also mention the number of aluminum cans recycled for each bottle sold on their website (see “details” on any of their product listings).

    We love that they’re made in the US though!

  28. I know this is an old article but thought I’d leave my two cents here about Liberty Bottleworks bottles. At the time, they seemed a “green” alternative to plastic and China stainless steel.

    After having two of them for just a few months, I noticed the lining cracks and flakes off as soon as the bottle is dented. So, I pretty much wasted $50….

    Back to the drawing board…..

  29. I don’t know if you’ve discovered it, but there is currently an American made one! My husband just bought one from Tervis. Really nice 🙂

      1. A google search shows that Tervis Stainless steel is made in China and finished in the US. Their plastic may still be made in the USA.

  30. Liberty actually makes stainless steel water bottles in the USA, as well as a variety of other products.

    1. A google search shows that Tervis Stainless steel is made in China and finished in the US. Their plastic may still be made in the USA.

  31. At this point, I would settle for not made in China. Maybe one day someone will be able to make a stainless steel water bottle in the US again. What do you know about Snow Peak or Zojirishi? I believe both are Japanese companies, but I am uncertain about where their bottles are manufactured. Amazon claims the Snow Peak bottles are “made” in Japan.

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