PVC-free Wall Clings for a Healthy Nursery

Pop and Lolli Wall Decals
You’ve done your best to remove toxic chemicals from your baby’s environment and now you’re ready to decorate – here’s how to do it safely.

You've done your best to remove toxic chemicals from your baby's environment.  You've chosen organic, GMO-free free foods,  served it up in BPA-free containers, invested in an organic mattress, and PVC-free toys.   You've even worked hard to find a no-VOC paint for the bedroom.  But now you're ready to decorate and everywhere you turn, you're met with loads of PVC wall graphics that have that overwhelming smell of off-gassing chemicals.

Well don't worry, because we've got you and your walls covered with non-toxic wall clings!

Sunny Decals

Sunny Decals are made from fabric material with a water based adhesive. They are repositionable, non-toxic, biodegradable, PVC and phthalate free.

Sunny Decals PVC-free


Wee DECOR wall appliques are made of  polypropylene fabric for safe, easy decorating that is more environmentally friendly than standard vinyl.

Wee Decor Wall Graphics

(love) Mae

Mae's Stickers are made from polyester and are also re-usable.  They can be scrunched into a ball and will easily un-scrunch and re-apply to almost any surface, many times over.  They are even washable.

(love) Mae Fabric Wall Stickers

Cocoon Couture

Cocoon Couture's fabric wall stickers are made in Australia and can be removed and moved as many times as your little one has in mind.

Cocoon Couture Wall Stickers

Pop & Lolli

Pop & Lolli experience-design decals are made in the USA of finely woven polyester fabric with lead free ink and water based adhesive.

Pop and Lolli Wall Decals

Chocovenyl Kids

Chocovenyl Kids wall decals stickers designed by leading International Artists specifically for children, on high quality PVC-free fabric paper.

Jillian Phillips Rainbo Toys Fabric Wall Stickers

Eco Wall Decals

Eco Wall Decals are made of PVC-free, non-toxic fabric, and super durable and easy to move around.

Eco Wall Decals PVC-free Fabric

Wall Art Planet

Wall Art Planet decals are made from matte polyester fabric, are printed with eco-solvent inks, and are extremely thin so they look like they have been painted on the wall.

Wall Art Planet Decals PVC-free

What changes have you made in the products you used to decorate your baby's room?

Have you found any other PVC-free wall clings?

  1. I would like to use a cricut to make my own wall decals as a fun project with my children. Anyone know where I can find non toxic wall cling fabric? Thank you!

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