PVC-free Air Mattress Shopping Guide

PVC-free Air Mattress Shopping Guide by thesoftlanding.com

PVC-free Air MattressesA reader asks, “Do you know of any PVC-free air mattresses?

That seems to be the question of the century! Almost ALL inflatable products are made from PVC, which can contain hormone-disrupting phthalates, lead and other nasty chemicals.

We're a camping family, so it's something we've been actively searching for over the last three years, and we finally hit the jackpot with six great options.

PVC-free Air Mattress Guide

That's all we've been able to find in the world of inflatable mattresses.  Have we missed any?  We'll update our list as we gather more info.  And while we really, REALLY want one of these new PVC-free air mattresses, there's no reason to toss one made from PVC until it's time is up.

  1. What about theTuckaire made by The Srunks? The claim to be 99% phthalate free. Is that good or is PVC in general just bad for you/kids?

  2. I suspect that thermarests are PVC free. If not, I definitely don’t think the material next to your skin is pvc at least. The Aerobed Performalite advertises that it won an award for being the most comfortable PVC-free inflatable mattress so that one should be added to your list.

  3. Thanks for your input on Thermarest – we’ll check into that. As for the PerformaLite, we re-confirmed with Aerobed today that their only two PVC-free options are the Pakmat and the EcoLite. In doing a little research, it appears that they redesigned the PerformaLite and replaced it with the EcoLite.

  4. I was going to mention Thermarest too… will be interested to see what you find, we’ve used them for camping for decades.

  5. How much concern is using a pvc airbed for a toddler if it is only occasionally? I am looking for a travel bed now that he has outrgrown the pack n play. Aerobed Toddler Bed looks great but has pvc (I did confirm that with the company, although they claim the plasticizers meet the limits in Europe). I avoid pvc when possible; wish they would make at least the child bed pvc free since obviously they DO have other options based on the two beds listed above 🙁

  6. Found a new Kelty Sleep Easy air bed that is PVC-free. I am anxiously awating some reviews – hopefully its pump is more convineient to use indoors than the AeroBed EcoLite (it must be charged ~12 hours ahead; cannot recharge until battery totally drained or it will retain a “memory” and lose some charge space; cannot be powered directly from a power outlet; not very compatible with other pumps, etc…..)

  7. I was told that One Step Ahead has a pvc free toddler travel bed. Does anyone know if it is indeed 100% PVC free?

    1. When I researched the One Step Ahead Tuck-me-in bed awhile back, it appeared to me to just be the Shrunks Tuckaire bed with the “One Step Ahead” logo on it. I assumed it was phthalate-free PVC just like the Tuckaire. However, the One Step Ahead bed does advertise itself as PVC and phthalate-free. Maybe that’s what makes it their “exclusive” design.

      1. it no longer says PVC-free on their site – only phthalate-free. i wish kelty would make a kid version with bumpers!

  8. Thanks for the list! I also recently found the “Lightspeed Outdoors TPU Airbed” and the “REI Relax Air bed” both of which are made of TPU not PVC.

  9. Just FYI…TPU is just as dangerous as PVC and should be avoided at all costs! Just google it. You are overpaying for a PVC free mattress and end up stuck with something just as dangerous.

    1. On the other hand, the internet is a hard place to discern the truth. I’d likely choose TPU over smelly PVC from China, every time.

      I mean “Just Google it” sort of led us to a trump presidency too, so there’s that…

  10. Hi do you have some info saying the PakMat is PVC-free? The product listings say phthalate-free, but that’s not the same thing. You can have PVC without phthalates.

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