How to Kill Weeds Without RoundUp

Many people grab a bottle of RoundUp and head out to kill weeds growing in their sidewalks. But there’s a cheap, non-toxic way to battle those pesky weeds!
How to Kill Weeds Without RoundUp

You know those annoying weeds that crop up in your driveway, pathway and sidewalk? Many people grab a bottle of RoundUp and head out to take care of them. There's a serious problem though: RoundUp is super toxic and contaminates ev-ah-ree-thing. It contaminates our food, water and air. Even our bodies. In fact, 93% of people tested had glyphosate in their urine!

The Dangers of RoundUp

Did you know that glyphosate, the active ingredient in RoundUp, is dangerously similar to the herbicide used in the Vietnam war? Agent Orange is what it's called, and it devastated hundreds of thousands of people with generations of birth defects. Our very own dad was exposed to it during his time there and had to recover himself for decades afterwards using vitamin therapy and numerous other natural methods.

Glyphosate has been linked to autism, anencephaly and birth defects, multiple cancers, pregnancy problems, Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, depression, celiac disease, ALS, and liver, kidney and heart disease. It's supremely toxic and should be avoided all the time.

How to Kill Weeds without Roundup

It couldn't be simpler. Just grab a sprayer and a couple gallons of distilled white vinegar. Douse all the weeds that have come up through the driveway and sidewalk a couple of times and DONE! Do be sure to rinse your sprayer after use.

Yeah, it does take a little extra effort and an additional application, but I can let the kids play all over our yard without batting an eye in worry over any toxic chemicals touching their beautiful bodies.

Check out these before and after pictures. These are the results of just one vinegar treatment!

What natural methods do you use to kill weeds?

  1. Do you use ordinary domestic white vinegar? I am aware that you can buy horticultural vinegar which is very strong, to use an organic weedkiller, but it is very expensive in this country (New Zealand).

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