The Ultimate Homesteading Gift Guide

The Ultimate Homesteading Gift Guide
Our homesteading journey has been filled with lots of trial, error and SUCCESS. We’ve compiled our favorite tools into the ultimate homesteading gift guide!

The Ultimate Homesteading Gift Guide

We started our homesteading journey several years ago and it's been a road filled with lots of trial, error and in the long run, SUCCESS. Along the way, we've pinpointed the fundamentals (plus some fun and totally unnecessary stuff!) we use to run our homestead like the pros. We've taken much of that knowledge and compiled it into the ultimate homesteading gift guide to give you a head start for your friends this year.

For us, another big part of homesteading is the task (read: art) of being prepared for emergencies. We recently posted 30 Days of Emergency Survival: The Basics which contains a list of essential preparedness supplies for beginners including long-term food storage for a family of five, pet needs, water solutions, healthcare necessities and general equipment required to live for a month without electricity and a trip to the grocery store.

And of course, one of our all time favorite Christmas wish lists is our Ultimate Eco-Survivalist Gift Guide. It contains many of our needs, wants and desires when it comes to emergency survival on-the-go. Also be sure to check out our Dehydrator Guide where you'll find a list of safer options for this homesteading staple.

What would you add to this list?

The Ultimate Homesteading Gift Guide

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