The Crunchy Mom’s Healthy Gift Guide

The Do-It-All Mom's Healthified Gift Guide
Hard working Do-it-All Moms need some all-for-me-stuff every now and again, right? Take a look at our healthified gift guide!

The Do-It-All Mom's Healthified Gift GuideHere's a little secret for you: We've always wanted to make a gift guide for ourselves. After all, we're hard-working Non-toxic Ninja Mamas that need some all-for-me-stuff every now and again. Amen? AMEN?? So we finally did it. We sat down and picked out everything that tickled our fancies, and put it all on this wishlist. We're pretty sure other do-it-all moms would appreciate things like this too. Our husbands have definitely been notified of this list along with our Ultimate Eco-Survivalist wishlist, so they can painlessly choose something we're each destined to love!

As usual, we've carefully chosen only the safest options for our wishlist because we want to be sure and treat ourselves with products that don't contain nasty toxic chemicals, 'cause that'd ruin it all, right?

P.S. Hover over each image before clicking to see why we’re recommending that particular item.

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