35 Gluten-free Dog Food Options

35 Gluten-free Dog Food Options
We’ve dealt with some yeasty dog ears and upset tummies and we know it’s directly connected to diet. Check out the 35 gluten-free dog food brands we found!


We've dealt with some yeasty dog ears and upset tummies in the past, and we know it's directly connected to diet. One of the most important and simple changes we made to help heal our furbabies' ears and solve the yeast issue was to eliminate wheat from their food. Now, we're always on a budget, so we found the cheapest, most accessible ways to reach our gluten-free goals right from our local grocery stores. This small change made a huge difference in a surprisingly short amount of time. It also helps immensely with itchy or irritated skin.

There was a definitive pattern in our research. We found that almost all ground paté canned foods are wheat-free, and we determined that it must be because there's no need for a “glue” to hold the chopped and formed, meat-looking pieces together. It also seems that rice is the ingredient that replaces wheat in these formulas.

Granted, many of these canned and wet foods are far from perfect but most of us need to feed our dogs the best we can with the means we have, so we headed out to our local stores and read all the labels in person to make this handy, quick reference shopping guide just for you.

Gluten-free Dog Food in Local Grocery Stores

Gluten-free Dog Food Online and in Specialty Pet Stores

What's your favorite gluten-free dog food?

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