How to Find the Safest Griddles and Waffle Makers

Non-toxic waffle pans and griddles
Need help finding the safest griddles and waffle makers? We found a few PFTE and PFOA free options that will get the job done!


You know how we did ALL that intensive research to find the very safest cookware available the world over? Well, we learned a lot and found some amazing brands who are making waves in the marketplace with their truly non-toxic cookware. But there were a couple of things we couldn't nail down though, so we didn't include them in the guide.

But how to find the safest waffle irons and griddles?

Since we first created the guide, we've heard from a lot of you asking for help finding the safest griddles and waffle makers so we've been quietly searching for the best options.

Top 10 Safest Griddles and Waffle Makers

I'm afraid it hasn't been the best of news. But we've made you wait long enough, so we're going to go ahead and share our recommendations even though there's really not a perfect solution for those of you who really wanted electric griddles and waffle makers…

The Safest Griddles

The old standby cast iron griddles by Lodge and King Kooker are by far the safest options. This is what we use, even though it's not as simple and easy.

Lodge Cast Iron Reversible Grill and GriddleKing Kooker 2-Sided Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Griddle

Now as for electric griddles, it's way more difficult to find one that has a safe non-stick surface. These griddles are PFOA and PTFE free – which is great – but whenever that surface layer begins to wear off, the aluminum underneath may leach into your food. If you decide to go with these, just be aware that you'll need to replace it once it begins flaking away.

  1. Bialetti Copper Titanium Ceramic Nonstick Electric Griddle
  2. Bella 2-in-1 Reversible Grill Griddle Combo
  3. Oster DuraCeramic Griddle
  4. Bella Copper Titanium Coated Electric Non-Stick Griddle

Bialetti Copper Titanium Ceramic Nonstick Electric GriddleBELLA 2-in-1 Reversible Grill Griddle Combo

If you're serious about having an electric griddle with a solid, no non-stick cooking surface (is un-non-stick a word??), you might need to spend a little more to get it. The commercial grade Waring griddle is where it's at!

Waring Commercial Electric Countertop Griddle

And lastly, there's this stainless steel electric skillet that would get the job done without teflon or any non-stick coating at all too.

The Safest Waffle Makers

The best option is still the old fashioned ones our Grandmother's used like Rome's old cast iron waffle maker and Lehman's pre-seasoned no-drip waffle maker. Just make sure you don't grab one made from cast aluminum by accident. These are awesome for making waffles over a campfire, just in case you're so inclined, which we often are 🙂

Romes Old Fashioned Cast Iron Waffle IronLeahmans Pre-seasoned No-drip Cast Iron Waffle Iron

It's the same story as with the PFOA and PTFE free griddles: the safest non-stick waffle irons like this one are made from an aluminum base and still run the risk of the coating flaking off eventual leaching. So be careful to treat it well and watch for damage.

UPDATE: Bella recently added a copper titanium waffle maker, so be sure to check it out too!

  1. I was lucky. I found my mother’s old electric waffle iron from the 40s in our attic. My suggestion is to ask around the older family members and ask them to ask their friends. And, scour the resale, donation type shops. Lots of people are downsizing and getting rid of older things.

  2. Just wondering if the waffle irons that you recommend are made in China. If so they may contain toxic materials, have you checked this out ? It is my understand that the Cast Iron from China may be contaminated. Thanks, Marcea

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