DIY Eucalyptus Oatmeal Bath Salts for Stress Relief

We’ve come to rely on our homemade eucalyptus oatmeal bath salts because it offers the perfect solution for winding down after a tough day, while boosting the immune system.

We've come to rely on our homemade eucalyptus oatmeal bath salts because it offers the perfect solution for winding down after a tough day, while boosting the immune system.

Epsom salt is great for restoring magnesium, reduces anxiety, aids in muscle function, reduces inflammation, and even improves sleep.

Eucalyptus oil is an anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory oil that helps with mental exhaustion, muscle pain and opening the airways (think allergies and sinuses). It also known to stimulate the immune system response to help combat illness.

DIY eucalyptus oatmeal Bath Salts

And last but not least, oatmeal calms cranky skin that's all riled up from the dry winter we just left behind us.

Essential Oil Infused Oatmeal Bath Salts Recipe


1 cup uncooked, blended organic oatmealEucalyptus Oatmeal Bath Salts
1 cup unscented Epsom salt
1 Tbsp of unrefined sea salt (used as a preservative)
8-12 drops of eucalyptus oil


  1. In a glass bowl mix together the oatmeal, epsom salt and salt. Slowly add in eucalyptus oil.
  2. Store in a glass container with a secure lid in a cool, dry place for up to two months.
  3. Use a spoonful or two in a very warm bath and let the soothing mix do its job!

Note: If you won't be using right away, just add a tablespoon of baking soda to keep from ingredients sticking to each other.


Do you have a favorite bath salts recipe? We'd love to hear it!

DIY eucalyptus oatmeal Bath Salts

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