The Ultimate Eco Survivalist Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Eco Survivalist's Christmas Gift Guide

The Ultimate Eco Survivalist's Christmas Gift Guide

We Land girls were taught from a very young age that it's our duty to be prepared for as many situations as humanly possible.  And having a dad who actually was prepared for literally ev-uh-ree-thing made it kinda impossible not to inherit. That's just one of the many reasons we love him though 🙂

Our desire to learn more about self-sustainability has grown a lot over the years. We've worked our way up from gardening and canning to composting and water collecting. We even have our very own flock of chickens now and hope to add beehives next spring! Homesteading has truly become a passion for each family member and we're always looking for ways to meet our goals of self-sufficiency and overall knowledge.

Survivalism is just beginning to catch fire and we totally believe in being prepared for emergencies. Seriously, what happens if there's a nationwide blackout, or a weather disaster in your area? It's wise to be in a position to be able to take of yourselves. Otherwise your well-being is left to the whims, abilities and resources of others.

Safe, Eco-friendly Survivalist Christmas Gift Guide

So this year, it's only fitting that one of our Christmas guides be dedicated to everything a Land girl could want.  In fact, our husbands have been directed to shop from this real-life wish list. No joke!

As always, we've carefully chosen each item, so it's bursting at the seams with the safest possible choices for almost every possible emergency scenario.

What would you add to make this the perfect wishlist for the prepper in you?

P.S. Be sure to hover over each image before clicking to see why we're recommending that particular item.

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