Dryer Sheets and Trouble at the Homestead

Dryer Sheets and Trouble at the Homestead

I made a promise to myself this year to ditch toxic, wasteful dryer sheets – and I did.  I'm not gonna lie though, it was rough in more ways than one – rough bath towels, rough undies…

Surprisingly, that wasn't the worst of it.  I was shocked by the sheer number of complaints I heard from my husband and kids about missing that old familiar smell.  I forged ahead anyway and began adding baking soda to the wash to help soften the clothes.  It worked well, but didn't take care of the static cling issue, so I switched to vinegar, which accomplished both tasks pretty well.

A few weeks in, I still found myself really missing that fresh, clean smell.  My next move was to begin looking for a way to make reusable, non-toxic dryer sheets.  I found several great solutions, but I ended up settling on a technique by Live Renewed using flannel fabric cut into squares, natural fabric softener (I used Ecover, but Seventh Generation is great too), warm water and a container (an empty wipes box works great).

Now I'm happy with my money-saving, waste-busting, DIY self.  And my ornery little family is no longer addicted to that toxic old smell!

What eco hacks do you use for softening your clothes and taming static cling?

P.S. Check out our new DIY tutorial on how to make your own non-toxic dryer sheets right here!

Photo source: Flickr via runntherain

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