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Coconut Oil Super Powers by www.thesoftlanding.comI began adding coconut oil and coconut milk to my diet many years ago.  For me personally, I was hoping for an improvement in thyroid function, energy levels and the healing of scar tissue.

Within the first two weeks, I noticed a consistently higher energy level, as well as a decrease in my cravings for junk food.  I still struggle with thyroid function, but the more coconut I keep in my diet, the less likely I am to have a thyroiditis flare up (I suffered severe thyroid inflammation for years hat required visits to the ER for pain meds and steroid injections).

I also began using coconut oil on my face and body, but I never expected to watch years of keloid scars from injuries, surgeries and teenage acne to begin vanishing before my eyes. The deep pink color is fading quickly, the thick overgrowth of skin is shrinking, and the itching has completely disappeared. Scars were an area of my that I had truly given up on, as all the treatments I had tried in the past failed miserably.   Coconut oil is amazing for dry scalp, damaged hair, eczema and dry skin.

More recently, my sister Becky (aka The Freedom Chef), taught me that coconut flour is an amazingly high-fiber, gluten-free substitute.  I've been cooking with it ever since!

So what in the world can coconut NOT do?

The list of benefits is endless and includes antiviral, antibacterial, antimicrobial and antiprotozoal properties.  Wow!

Have you tried organic coconut oil for what ails you?  If you're not convinced, be sure to grab the Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife, CN, ND for more information.

Coconut Oil Miracle by Bruce Fife

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  1. I cant for the life of me stop my self from flogging this information about coconut oil. Our mob have been using this for years in our hair skin and in our food. Back in the day it was considered such a primitive practice to use. Now days its called a “super food” cracks me up. Many of my family still use coconut oil and make it from scratch. I was even told how to infuse scents from herbs and healing bush flowers from my beautiful Walkerston Aunties Queensland……Non indigenous people have only just discovered this and are making a fortune from it !
    So now maybe I will be believed….when I say Grandmothers Lore/Law is what we should be listening to.

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