30 Days of Emergency Survival: The Basics

30 Days of Emergency Survival: The Basics
You don’t have to be a prepper to see the wisdom in building a 30 day emergency survival supply. It’s important to be ready, so here are the basics!


Bugging in. Could you do it?

What if something happens that renders our ever-present grocery stores completely useless? It wouldn't take much to create a situation where we suddenly have to survive in our homes with whatever we've got on hand.

You don’t have to be a prepper to see the wisdom in building a 30 day emergency supply. As natural disasters and ongoing threats of cyber attacks strike America, people are beginning to see the value in being ready. After all, our families are counting on us!

How We Prepared for 30 Days of Emergency Survival

We've outlined our plan to help you stock your home without going overboard. What you'll find here are the very basics – nothing too complicated or unnecessary, but most everything you'll need to stay as comfortable as possible for 30 days in your home without restocking.

Don't let this list overwhelm you – many of these items are readily available at your local grocery and hardware stores, or conveniently purchased online.

NOTE: We're assuming there are other basics already present in the home such as blankets, kitchen knives, pots and pans, candles, matches, flashlights and basic tools like a hammer, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.


Most of the food listed below is classified as emergency food, which means it's vacuum-sealed inside airtight containers that aren't to be opened unless absolutely necessary. They have a shelf life of 10-25 years if properly stored in cool conditions.

The general pantry items are not sealed for long-term storage, so it may be necessary to use and rotate these foods as needed to maintain your back stock.

Also keep in mind that emergency food isn't always available in certified organic, non-GMO versions.  But rest assured that we're keeping our eyes peeled for those options and will update our list as they become available!

Emergency Food for a Family of 5 + a Gluten-free Version

  • 1 – Rolled Oats – 20lb pail  (enough for 42 days @ 1 serving per person per day) OR 5 – Rolled Oats – 42oz (enough for 30 days @ 1 serving per person per day)
  • 1 – White Rice – 28lb pail (enough for 28 days @ 2 servings per person per day)
  • 1 – Piinto Beans – 41lb pail (enough for 42 days @ 2 servings per person per day) OR 1 – Black Beans – 42lb pail OR 3 – Red Chili Beans – 86oz
  • 1 – Vegetable Variety Pack (enough for 32 days @ 1 serving per person per day)
  • 1 – Mixed Fruits (enough for 30 days @ 1 serving per person per day)
  • 2 – Peanut Butter Powder (enough for 35 days @ 1 serving per person per day)
  • 1 – Butter Powder (40 servings total, use at your own discretion)
  • 1 – Dehydrated Whey Milk  (24 servings per person spread over 30 days, use at your own discretion)
  • 2 – Bread Mix takes water, oil and yeast (enough for 49 days @ 2 servings per person per day) 


  • 11 – Gluten-free Bread Mix  takes water, yeast and apple cider vinegar (enough for 30 days @ 1 serving per person per day)

The following general pantry items should be kept on hand at all times. They may need to be used and rotated to keep your back stock up to date.

NOTE: Another option is to purchase 30 Day Pails (one for each member of your family) and substitute them for much of the long-term food listed above. Certainly not as nutritious, but definitely easier (not suitable for gluten-free needs).


Be sure to keep an extra 30 days of food for all of your non-human babies as well.

We keep at least one full package of 12-24 cans of wet food for each animal, and enough dry food to last a month is kept in plastic totes with recessed lids to keep the varmints out.

Use and rotate as necessary.


Water is just as important as food, if not more so. You'll need it for drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, and rehydrating dehydrated foods, so it's critical to invest in at least one high quality filter that can clean the dirtiest of water.

The following list contains our favorite filters and the ones we've chosen to purchase for our own needs, but there are many options to choose from.

It's also a good idea to keep pre-packaged portable drinking water on hand in case of emergency.


Maintaining sanitary conditions will help keep your family healthy, and having the ability to treat minor wounds is a definite necessity.

IMPORTANT! Don't forget to keep a 30 day backup supply of all prescription medications.


This list contains tools and items that address general survival needs like cooking, communication, warmth and nighttime survival.

We recommend stocking your shelves with multiples of each disposable item.


This section is important to us personally, so we're including it to highlight the impact of being able to protect your home and provide added nourishment for your family when necessary.

These items are vital keys in our preparedness profile, especially in case of more extended emergencies.

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