25 Ways to Create a Safe, Non-toxic Environment for Your Baby

25 Ways to Create a Safe, Non-toxic Environment for Your Baby by www.thesoftlanding.com

25 Ways to Create a SAFE and non-toxic space for your baby. Our biggest concerns for baby safety and our top tips along with some great resources for further reading. #babysafety #nontoxic #babysafe #babyproofing

While we're serious about protecting our babies from physical harm, true safety is really about so much more than that.  I believe it's a HUGE oversight to ignore safety from toxic chemicals in a developing child's environment.  What they're eating, breathing and touching on a regular basis greatly impacts their little bodies in ways we can't always see – but that doesn't make it any less important.

We enlisted the help of our green blogging friends to create the ultimate list of priorities.  We asked them what their biggest concerns for baby safety were and incorporated them into our top tips along with some great resources for further reading.

  1. Keep the Poison Control Hotline number posted and visible
  2. Make sure smoke alarm batteries are replaced regularly
  3. Install carbon monoxide detectors in the right places
  4. Cover unused electrical outlets and make electrical cords inaccessible
  5. Bolt or remove tall and unstable furniture
  6. Keep trash cans securely closed and out of reach (they’re full of germs and dangerous plastic bags)
  7. Use cordless blinds or keep blind cords properly secured out of reach
  8. Check your plants and remove poisonous varieties
  9. Consider babyproofing doors that could pinch fingers
  10. Install removable door bumpers and door handle covers to deter opening
  11. Make sure pet litter boxes are not accessible
  12. Watch for sharp corners and affix bumper guards where necessary
  13. Use gates around stairs (but never use pressure-mounted gates at the top of the stairs)
  14. Secure medications, cleaning supplies, and heavy jars/cans in cabinets with childproof locks (discover which locks work best for different situations)
  15. Choose a crib with slats that are close together and that is deep enough to keep the baby/toddler inside
  16. Be sure to keep cribs/beds and bassinets away from window and use window locks to insure windows can only open a small way
  17. Keep baby monitors out of the crib
  18. Improve indoor air quality by decreasing synthetic fragrances from personal care products, fumes from indoor paint and furniture polish, bleach, dryer sheets, and off-gassing of chemicals (like formaldehyde) from compressed wood furniture, wrinkle-free sheets and vinyl (PVC) flooring.
  19. Feed your baby homemade meals using organic, locally grown food whenever possible and choose food packaged in glass or BPA-free containers for those times when you're on the go (and when preparing your meals, skip BPA lined aluminum cans and store your food in BPA-free containers)
  20. Avoid foods and medications made with artificial coloring (in fact, try making your own natural remedies when possible)
  21. Choose pacifiers, teethers and toys made without BPA, vinyl (PVC), phthalates, lead, flame retardants and lead-based paint
  22. Choose beddingpajamas and swaddling blankets made from non-flame resistant organic cotton (grown without pesticides)
  23. Use certified organic skincare products made without toxic chemicals (DO NOT be fooled by “all natural” and even “organic”claims – what you don't know CAN hurt you!)
  24. Purchase baby mattresses made from organic cotton and not treated with halogenated flame retardants or wrapped in vinyl (PVC) plastic
  25. Make sure older homes (pre 1978) and child care facilities are free of lead-based paint hazards (shockingly, lead is STILL one of the largest avoidable and totally preventable sources of environmental poisoning in our environment!)
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